Adaptogen Elixir
Calm your Chaos

What is it?
A bubbly blend of adaptogens and kombucha to give you the balance you need in life.Designed to support your ability to adapt to stress, combining kombucha from black tea leaves and root extracts from adaptogens like astragalus, eleuthero, rhodiola, ashwagandha and
schisandra fruit.*

Dr Joshua Plant, Ph.D, Chief Science Officer at Isagenix, shares the science behind the Adaptogen Elixir.

Clinical Results*:
* 35% less Stress
* 31% better Sleep
* 40% increased Concentration
* 33% less tiredness
* 50% decreased feeling of lazyness
* 47% reduction in impatience feeling
* significant improvement in gut health

Below you will find multiple ways to order Adaptogen Elixir today. The most popular option is the Beauty and Serenity Combo Pack which contains a 30 day supply of our hugely popular Collagen Elixir and a 30 Day supply of new Adaptogen Elixir. This will provide a full month supply which will help you Look Better and Feel Better every day of the month.

(3/3 Boxes) retail $245.00
Combo Collagen/Adaptogen Elixirs
Preferred Customer $215.00 / 60 cnt

(4 Box) retail $179.00
Preferred Customer $152.00 / 40 cnt
(6 Box) retail $240.00
Preferred Customer $204.00 / 60 cnt

(10 day supply) retail $47.00
Preferred Customer $40.00 / 10 cnt
(30 day supply) retail $141.00
Preferred Customer $120.00 / 30 cnt


People have been using adaptogens for thousands of years. But how did they suddenly become so popular? Isagenix Founder, Owner, and Chairman, Jim Coover, is a pioneer in bringing adaptogens to modern-day supplements. Find out more about Jim Coover’s work with Dr. Israel Brekhman, a Soviet pharmacologist who wanted to do more than keep soldiers alert and what happened when the USSR crumbled.

How Adaptogens Hack your Stress

Among other benefits, adaptogens have been shown to help support the body’s response to stress, including the potential for a prolonged phase of resistance, as depicted here.*

*Chart is an illustration of how certain adaptogens may affect stress and is based on research conducted on Adaptogens including Rhodiola, Eleutherococcus, and Schisandra that are also in found in Isagenix Adaptogen Elixir. These studies were not conducted on Isagenix products.

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